Daily Practice?

Why does it have to be daily?  Can I skid a day or two?  What about the weekends?

These are the questions that went through my head in November of  2017 before I started my daily yoga practice.  Now two plus months later, I can say, with the benefit of hindsight, that daily practice is the way to go.  Allow me to explain.

Typically with anything that is “good” for us, sustaining the effort is no guaranty. In real life, things come up. Don’t feel up to it on some days.  Not enough progress . . . And so on.  I get that.  This is why I believe a daily practice raises our chance of success.

First and foremost, doing something daily helps to develop a routine.  I start by setting aside time for my yoga practice each day. Granted on some days, I have to squeeze in the practice.  But it is never a question of whether but when.

This turns out to be a huge leverage.  Because consistency brings results.  Slowly, I notice a difference in my balance and toning.  Yoga poses that I had hard time holding are becoming easier and better.  Talking about a psychological boost.

By the same token, my yoga practice starts to move up my priority list.  In that I want to do it, allocate better time for it, and feel great from accomplishing it.  The daily practice transforms itself into a self reinforcing habit that makes the whole process easier.

Before you scream, let’s do it (in any endeavors), one word of caution – you may actually get hooked.  Personally, I feel something is missing if I don’t get to practice my yoga daily.  Imaging that!

Any candidate for your daily practice?

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