Week In Review – 4 Feb 2018

As a nod to meditation, the exercise of detaching oneself is useful in observing one’s mind in action.  It is a lofty goal that I am still a trying student.  Nevertheless I do notice my various emotional states from time to time through an observer’s lens.

Refraining from judging is easier said than done.  Not worrying is another one.  After all I am human, and I have my moments. Two cases this week demonstrate: the state of the union address by President Trump and the lost of my car, the Jetta.

For sure if I meditate on a daily basis, my chance of mastering the art of would be better.  It just hasn’t made it that high on my priority list.  Until then, I settle for having meditation as a fringe benefit from my yoga, blogging, or running.

Have a nice week.

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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