Where Is Home?

A simple question to answer until it is not.  People don’t get to choose where they were born. Naturally, many accept the given as part of their identity.  Home defaults to where they were born.

Technology has enabled people to travel, to see the world, and to experience different livings. The answer to the question, where is home, evolves.  Home becomes where one’s heart is.  Nomadic people is a classic example.

Three years ago I retired from career service and joined the rank of non-working.  Even though I am still at the same house as before, my heart is hesitating.  What used to serve us well like the school district, proximity to place of employment, etc. are no longer applicable.

Instead, my heart is asking where do I belong?  Where is home? They are important questions about transition.  And I am still searching for answers.

What do you say when asked?


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