Space – The Final Frontier

In the classic television sci-fi series Star Trek, Captain Kirk calmly introduces those words at the beginning of each episode as he led the crew of the starship Enterprise in searching for new life and adventure in the outer space.

There is another space, I call it the inner space – our personal domain ready for exploring.  This space is multi-dimensional: mental, spiritual, emotional, etc. Each offers infinite wisdom if and only we are willing to embark on the adventure.

To me, this inner space is the true final frontier.  Why? You ask.  I give you Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Beethoven’s fifth symphony as proofs that while the physical world is akin to a laboratory, it is the inner space that holds the key to our discovery.

Remember,  the ability to create inner space is limited only by our imagination. So boldly go where none has gone before.  And discover your final frontier.

What is your final frontier?

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