Paradise, Part 2

Part of the uniqueness about Hawaii is its location.

Hawaii is one the most isolated island on Earth.  Meaning it’s far from everywhere. For example, San Francisco is 2,396 miles away, Vancouver (2,709), Tokyo (3,861), Auckland (4,381), and New York (4,967).  Not a place for quick visits.

As a result, three distinct features about Hawaii are 1. strong indigenous culture, 2. high costs of living, and 3.  friendly people.

  • Strong indigenous culture – the Hawaiian culture is a melting pot of migrant labors intermingled with the natives. Over the generations, the indigenous culture becomes uniquely the islands own.  Respect for the elders and family unity just to name a few.  And whatever happens off the island seems immaterial.
  • High costs of livings – besides the local produces like pineapples and papayas, everything imported has an add-on costs of shipping.  In addition, foreign investors and mainlanders interested in owning a piece of the paradise have driven up the real estate values.  And shortage of housing is keeping the island property value up.
  • Friendly people – history of sugar plantations on the islands had attracted folks from all over including: Chinese, Japanese, Filipino,  Portuguese, Puerto Rican.  All factions have learned over the years to co-exist harmoniously.  Folks are neighborly to each other and visitors alike.  A  true aloha spirit.

Part 1, here.

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