Can’t Figure It Out

Sometimes it is impossible to figure things out.  Can’t figure out what to wear when weather is finicky, can’t figure out what others think when at an impasse, can’t figure out what is important when everything is going well.  Just to name a few.

It rains a lot in the valleys of Oahu, Hawaii.  Moisture trapped by the mountain ridges makes everything lush but wet.  According to a friend, this is the second rainiest February on record for Hawaii. Good to know, but I still can’t figure out how to dress without feeling damp or hot.

Between the glitzy Waikiki and the rest of the Oahu, we have a hard time figuring out which locale is our favorite.  Waikiki has all the conveniences like restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.  Even has the Diamond Head for folks like hiking in addition to its famous Waikiki beaches.  What is there not to like, you ask? The price.  Living in Waikiki can be very expensive.

Another thing I can’t figure out is the Honolulu Rail Transit.  The City and County of Honolulu has been trying to build a 20 mile rail transit for a long time (like more than 50 years).  Meanwhile travel on the highway comes to a crawl around the city central and, you guess it, the Waikiki.  From an economic or engineering perspective, the rail transit is feasible.  What seems to be the problem? Politics.

Go figure!


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