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On Human Answer

The Nature’s answer is logical like the water cycle explainable by physics.  It makes our world ticks. And by extension, our human life and history possible. Our Human answer, on the other hand, is emotional.  Often justified with logic that is … Continue reading

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How Is Your Mojo?

In my recent wellness check up there was a question,”Couldn’t get going?” And I answered “No.”  It was a wake up call for me and made me realize that to keep myself energized, relying on others or externals was not … Continue reading

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This Crazy Weather

Believe it or not, weather here in Washington DC hit 75 degree Fahrenheit today. It may sound crazy but for us yesterday’s high temperature was 57. With the Congress in recess, I am at a lost for the cause of … Continue reading

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Overcoming A Ho-hum Day

A cloudy, showery day.  Kinda reminded me of Seattle.  Peeking out the window, couldn’t see the drizzles but the street was wet.  I waited until noon for the temperature to warm up a bit and the weather pattern to break.  … Continue reading

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Reblog: Amodei Spins Ryan Resignation Rumor

In a flagrant demonstration of redirecting, Congressman Mark Amodei (R- NV) who spun a rumor about the House Speaker’s resignation made national news.  The redirection orchestrated and conceded by Amodei happened during an on-the-record “Nevada Newsmakers” podcast yesterday. # # … Continue reading

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Often when a child is emotionally worked up, redirecting his or her attention is an effective method to calm the child down.  But when a politician, a spokesperson, or a spin-doctor by any other names use redirection to dodge inquries … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 25 Mar 2018

Still easing back this week from my recent trip to Hawaii. The transition has taken me longer and more adjustment than anticipated.  Perhaps instead of getting more used to the cold, I am becoming the opposite.  A case of misplaced belonging. According to calendar, … Continue reading

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Easing Back

Reluctant as I was, I got out my warm bed and resumed my Saturday long run this morning.  Temperature was 26 degree Fahrenheit. Few runners were out on the trail in the frigid cold.  Not surprising. My run totaled nine miles.  … Continue reading

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I hate misplacing things.  It exacts such an emotional toll on me each time that I would spare nothing in trying to find the items.  Does it work? No. Not really.  Usually  the item turns up after I stop looking. … Continue reading

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Have & Have Not’s

Dissatisfaction comes from not having what you want.  Not enough money, friends, good fortune, or whatever.  In other words, not meeting self expectation. But how about what we have?  In dissatisfaction, the illusive crowds out the actual. Like perhaps our … Continue reading

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