Suburban Vs Urban Living

Where you live defines your life style. The choice between city and suburb seems common.   The city offers services and convenience like the 7- Eleven stores that is at one’s beck and call 24 X 7,  the rapid transit that moves masses from point to point, and the entertainment choices of restaurants, shops, etc.

While the suburb, on the other hand, has less than what the city has to offer, it has less density and more personal space.  Two mitigating factors tip my choice toward the suburb as my place to live.  And the factors are car and internet.

The car extend my freedom of movement,  provides flexibility of options, and most importantly, control of my time.  In the suburbs, roads are less congested.  Driving is actually quite enjoyable.  I like this convenience over the city’s.

And the internet offers abundant choices without sacrifice any of my personal spaces.  Services like Amazon Prime reduces the delivery lead-time, Netflix the added entertainment options, or online banking just to name a few.  I like this control of my time without competing with the crowds in the city.

What about you?  Where is your preferred choice of living?

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