Our paradigm is our model of the world.  How things supposed to be according our own understanding.

Paradigm is good.  It helps us navigate around our daily live and make sense out of different situations.  But like model, paradigm is a representation or interpretation of the reality.  It is not the reality.

The last point being the key reminder for myself – paradigm is not the reality.

I catch myself stuck on my paradigms.  Particularly on topics I claim some understanding.  But of course, I am [fill in the blank], and I know what I am talking about.  And I know I am right! Right?

The truth is that life is never that simple.  Depending on perspectives, backgrounds, or experiences, as many understandings exist as the number of people sharing that piece of reality.  No one has exclusive right.

Challenge your paradigm and see if you can make it better. 

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