My Favorite Boost – YOGA

Around five-ish in the afternoon when my energy starts to tank, I look for a pick-me-up’er to stop my dragging around like a snail.  A boost to tide me over until dinner if you will.  And generally my options are two:  snack or exercise.

Snack is what I get when I am in a hurry.  Not necessarily healthy, depending on what I can get my hands on at the moment (usually junk foods), it’s a quick fix.  Understandably, the surge of calories is not without its price of sugar crash and increased waistline later.

The other option, exercise, you probably guessed it, is the healthier choice.  And yes, I know that I always have a choice.  So when feasible, yoga is my favorite option.  Because it lifts my mind and body without negative consequences.

You see, my yoga moves, along with the breathing, accelerate my blood circulation and oxygen intake.  All at a pace that I can control.  And after a brief practice, my body is relaxed and mind refreshed.

The best part – with yoga I get my energy recharged minus the calories.

What is your go-to fix?



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