Spring Is In The Air

Went out for a 5 mile jog this afternoon.  Temperature was in the low 50’s.  But the breeze sent a quiver down my back as I stepped outside.  Despite the sunny appearance, the temperature felt chilly and more like in the 40’s.

In theory, the weather is going to warm up.  But the Spring has a way of teasing us.  April showers and clouds hide the sun’s full appearance.  Can’t quite put away the coat, hat, and gloves just yet.  Must be patient for Mother Nature to take her pace.

But it does not fool the plants.  As I ran by a cherry blossom, its flowers are in full swing.  And trees, their leaves are budding out.  No longer the skeletal silhouette of their former selves.  Right on queue following the nature cycle.


Spring Is In The Air


Amazing how impatient I have been in the past to run away from the cold winter, get on with the warmer weather, and miss this Spring transformation that is happening all around me right now.  I suppose this is what mindfulness about.  For sure, Spring is in the air.

Have you noticed the Spring beyond what is on the calendar?

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