Friday Musings

It’s Friday afternoon.  And I used to get very excited about it. Oh yeah, because Friday afternoon is the beginning of the weekend. I say “used to” because I haven’t felt the same since I retired three plus years ago.

In fact, nowadays, I actually look forward to the weekdays instead.  Sounds crazy, right?  Honestly, weekday for me is less crowded.  Yes.  Weekdays between 10 AM and 2 PM is my prime time.  Roads are cleared. Stores are open and no lines at the checkout.

Retirement is an envy for many.  I consider myself lucky to have reached this milestone.  It enables me to pursue other interests and allows me the opportunity to explore my hidden talents if I may so call them.

What is my mission now? You ask.  Well, I want to make sure that I am content with my life.  If I can help others along the way by all means.  Discover more fun in life, and share the joy around.

Without the baggage of making a living (being there, done that), now is my turn.

How is your Friday?

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