Knowledge Made Useful

Knowledge is cheap.  Or more precisely, access to knowledge is cheap.  Anyone with a smartphone and connection to the internet has abundant information at their finger tips. In matter of seconds, one can find any topics of interest.

Dare I say that with artificial intelligence, information retrieval is made easier more than ever.  Why then would anyone bother to get a book from the library, go to school, or study for that matter?  Why don’t we just ask Google or Siri?

Here lies the rub.  Quick knowledge does not make individual an expert.  In fact too much information hinders one’s decision process. The key is to discern how the abundant knowledge apply to specific life situation?

Does it apply to me?  Is that what I really want?  Will this work in my case? When comes down to it, there is no substitution for judgement, which is a function that is still best suited for human.

How information technology helps you in making better decisions?

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