Tell It Like It Really Is?

Tell it like it really is.  Sounds simple and straight forward, right?

Not so, not here in Washington DC.  The response one will get most likely is a chuckle, a grunt, or “Say what?  Are you crazy? Nobody does that.”  Please don’t laugh, it is steeped in our history.

In Washington DC, spin it, hook it, and spit it out is the standard operating procedures.  This practice dates back to the early dates of our republic, in the myth where the young George Washington was quoted saying, “I cannot tell a lie”  as regarding to cutting down his father’s favorite cherry tree.

How come nobody wants to tell it like it really is? You wonder. What is wrong with that simple approach? Or has the Swamp gobbled up any remaining honesty? Give people what they want to hear seems to prevail here.  Can’t anybody handle the truth anymore?

If you’re curious, plenty Washingtonian Tell-All  books are available.  Give them a read, then try to answer the question.

Do you think it’s hard to tell it like it really is?

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