Better Tools, Better Work

Nowadays tools are getting more sophisticated.  Smart machines are not only replacing low skill, routine jobs (e.g. cashier, teller, typist), they are pushing into the mid- to higher end of the service sectors like information exchange and financial transaction.

Growth in the artificial intelligence and eCommerce indicates this trend is on an upward trajectory. And rightfully so. These smart machines are faster, less error, and easier to access, making them the darlings of the digital economy.

And advent of these tools begs the questions: what does this leave the humans? What kinds of work content are best suited for people? What skills are needed in the new workplace? etc.

Automation notwithstanding, first principle dictates that tools are designed to serve people.  To optimize the tool’s function and customer experience, human intervention is still needed in the process. The question is only where?

Gone are the days of the Pony Express.  Delivering mail on horseback is a skill of the past.  By the same token, traditional curriculum and training need to be retooled with the first principle in mind. How to to take advantage of the new tools and leverage human’s own competitive advantages?

Finding the answers to these questions is how you get better work.

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