What’s To Worry?

It is 12 April.  And if you live in the United States and haven’t filed your taxes, you have something to worry.  Because time is running out with the Internal Revenue Service filing deadline of 17 April 2018, only five days away.

Of course, if you have already filed or requested an extension, IRS is not a worry.  But I bet there is something else on your mind (maybe the back of your mind) that is exacting your energy.  Because worrying is a natural part of human condition according to Dr. Jim Taylor of University of San Francisco.

Excessive worrying or the unhealthy worry as called by Taylor, will make you miserable and wear you down.  Well, how do we tell if our worrying is excessive or not?  Taylor suggests the following questions to find out:

  • Do you worry about things that are not real or immediate threats?
  • Are you more anxious than relaxed?
  • Are you more unhappy than happy?
  • Do you have difficulty enjoying yourself because you worry so much?
  • Are you unwilling to take reasonable risks?
  • Do your worries interfere with your normal activities?

If you answer ‘No’ to the above questions, you are a healthy worrier. No harm and sleep tight.  But if you are on the excessive end, perhaps these tips may help.  Time to turn the unhealthy worry into healthy one.

What kind of healthy worry do you have?

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