Finesse Of Life

In my younger days, speed was my guide.  Get-there fast, finish quick, so I could enjoy  the outcome sooner.  There were so much to see and do and yet there was so little time.  Needless to say that I was impatient and did things in broad brush strokes.

Now older and slower, I still want to enjoying the outcome.  But how I approach life (i.e. my path) is different – speed is no longer the king.  In fact,  just the opposite.  I purposely slow down so I don’t miss the finesse of  life such as the changing seasons, relationship, etc.

Call it quality over quantity or age over youth, I come to realize the finer things in life are manifested in the details.  And with rushing, I miss the details. The process as we go through life is as important as, if not more than, the outcome.

Take yoga for example. Instead of hurrying through the motions and claiming the poses, I take my time and pay attention to the details.  The nuance of my core body movement, difference between my body’s right and left side, are all subtleties that can contribute to the enjoyment of my practice.

How do you discover the finesse of your life?

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