Slow Down!

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Not too often we hear words like “release, slowdown, or patience,” in our busy work environment.  Certainly not here in Washington, DC.  Unless you chanced to be in a yoga or meditation retreat, those are special circumstances. Or are they?

Our busyness is in part due to the advent of the digital technology and eCommerce.  Speed is king. Why wait for an answer when you can get it yourself with just a few clicks.   As a result, fast and faster are becoming the norm.

It is easy to be pushed and hurried along.  For crying out loud, competition is eating our lunch. Who can afford to slow down!  But as the experience tells us “haste makes waste,” rushing to judgement invites mistakes.  And pulling the brakes may be the right move.

Not suggesting one has to do yoga or meditation.  But do take the time to double check, verify, and validate.  These are good business practices.  Skip over them for the sake of expediency, and the consequence could be a price that is too high.

Have you had opportunity to slow down?

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