A Pleasant Surprise

My Parkrun 5K time this morning was much better than anticipated.  I had a time of twenty-two minutes and twenty-nine seconds (22:29) which is a better fitness level than I was ever able to achieve in 2017.  This was a surprise considering my marathon training has yet to start.

As before, I plugged my 5K time into the McMillan Calculator and out popped my projected marathon time 3.39:05 and pace 8:22.  Last year, my actual marathon time was 3.40:41 (or 8:25 pace) and the 5K benchmark paces were 8:40, 8:26, and 8:34.

Two factors may have contributed  to today’s outcome: 1) I wore my trail sandals minimal shoes which gave my feet the most freedom, and 2) my daily yoga practice which kept my mind-body tightly focused.  In any event, I will take the good news.

Besides, being more fit allows me to experiment with various training methods, to have more fun with the training, and to have a better shot at reaching my target marathon time of 3:35:00 (pace 8:12) at the Erie marathon.


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