Day 1 Week 1 – A New Beginning

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4 miles with fartlek surges. Sunny, 66 degree.

Without fanfare, today marks the kick-off for my marathon training.  I am training for the Erie Marathon in September.  That’s why my 20 week training started earlier than usual.  Might as well, I am getting fidgety about the prolonged cold weather anyway.

Perhaps my prayer has been heard. The sun was shining and the temperature pleasant when I embarked on the 4 miles easy pace run.  I threw in fartlek surges during the third mile to introduce speed work early for two reasons: 1) to take advantage of my fitness level  and 2) to have fun.

The concept of better-fitness and more-fun is not new.  What new is how I incorporate them into my marathon training.   The fartleks today is a case in point.  And staying injury free is another.  Nothing revolutionary, but for me, it is exciting  being able to implement them after all these years.

Stay tune.

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