Day 2 Week 1 – What Motivates Me

3 miles easy pace, cloudy & 59 degree

Rain in the forecast motivates me.  It makes me go out and run (to get ahead of the rain).  Today was such case.  Later on when the dark clouds gathered and precipitation started, I felt relieved because I got my run in.

Moving through life with ease and grace also motivates me.  It signals to me the person not only got his or her things together but more likely has mastered them.  Such mastery and finesse earn my admiration.  And I strive to arrive at that state.

Such were the thoughts that ran through my mind while running this morning.  Granted, three miles was not much time to ponder them deeply.  But I like the idea of  starting my training easy – easing my mind and body into the routine of running daily.

So perhaps one day I too can move with ease and grace.

What keeps you going day after day?

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