Day 3 Week 1 – Steady Run In Base Training

4 miles, easy pace with a steady run for mile 3 (my split: 9:14, 9:00, 7:41, 9:15) , overcast & 57 degree.  It should be obvious from my splits that I injected a steady run within today’s easy runs.

The easy runs were right on pace between 8:19 to 9:20.  But the steady run pace was too fast* and pushing my current lactate threshold of 7:39 (making it like a tempo run).  And I will not be able to handle the steady run later when its distance gets longer.

Since I am in base training, the purpose is to build my endurance.  It makes sense for my steady run pace during this phase be closer to 8:22 (my current estimated marathon pace).  So I can stay within the aerobic zone.  Glad that I caught this mistake before I injure myself.

*A mistake on my part from reading the wrong chart.




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