Day 6 Week 1 – First Long Run

9 miles long run, cloudy & 58 degree

Only three days left in the month of April, the morning’s air still got a bite to it.  That was when I realized I forgot my gloves and mitten after heading out the door.

Luckily, there was no wind at the C&O Canal Towpath where I do my long run on Saturdays.  And the temperature warmed up quickly.  So after my usual warm up lunges, short sleeves and shorts were all I needed for today’s long run.

This changing weather albeit par for the course with Spring is challenging to prepare for.  I do not like to overdress for my run.  If anything I prefer the opposite, under-dressed and allowing my body to generate the heat from running.  This way I am light and cool.  Such was the case today.

My run was an out and back on the path.  Few other runners were out early in the morning.  A good opportunity for me to work on my running cadence.  Some pace themselves with music, but I like to develop my own feel for the rhythm simply by counting each step.  It helps to keep my focus.

One thing I did notice was my feet are getting used to my minimal shoes.  The trail shoes I wear is necessary for the Towpath’s uneven surface but less comfortable for my feet. I need to explore my options given the long run will be increasing as the training continues.

Where do you do your long runs?

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