Week In Review – 29 Apr 2018

Week One of my Erie Marathon training.  Total miles ran: 23

Yes, my 20 weeks of marathon has started.  This week’s schedule is easy paced transition with a few fun runs sprinkled in between.  Understood that training for marathon can not be always fun and games.  Nevertheless, this time around, I aim to balance between fun and fitness by being flexible and mindful of my training options.

Basically, my 20 weeks will constitute the base/ endurance phase (9 weeks).  Followed by the lactate threshold/ stamina phase (4 weeks), and the marathon specific/ speedwork phase (4 weeks).  Lastly, marathon taper/ peak phase (3 weeks).  In short 9-4-4-3, a template that I have been using for the past couple of years.

In each phase the workouts are not mutually exclusives.  For instance the long run will appear each week, all the way up to the taper phase.  But each phase tailors to different purpose.  More specifically, I expect: lower heart rate and less fat from the base phase; running longer from the stamina phase, and faster – longer from the marathon specific phase.

Last but not the least, the housing conundrum exemplifies the lack of trust that is permeating the country.  No solution in sight, I am afraid.  The betrayal of trust revealed by the “Me Too” movement continues to highlight the inequality between the have’s and have-not’s.  While I don’t think technology is the answer, I do think it may be a catalyst.

Have a nice week.

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