Day 1 Week 3 – College Moving Day

4 miles with fartlek surges during mile 3. Cloudy and 55 degree.

Big day today.  The fartlek runs this morning had my legs a bit stiff for the balance of the day.  But the main event today was moving my son #2 back home from college.  And we did it not by driving but flying.

The back story: ever since we drove my son to his college orientation four years ago, my wife declared that no more driving for us.  Instead we will take the airplane.  We moved our son to school by putting him on an airplane, and all subsequent trips.

So to move him back home, we followed the same guideline, flying.  But the task would not be possible had we not gotten the whole family pitching in to help.  From packing, cleaning, to donating, we made the seemingly impossible task a reality.

This family project was memorable in many regards.  But best of all was in its execution where the whole family came together and made it happened.  Furthermore, it reinforced our family values by supporting each other and working together.  I for sure could not have done it alone.

How do you make your training/ workout fit into your schedule?

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