Day 2 Week 3 – Post-travel Recovery

3 miles easy pace, sunny & 65 degree

Returned home late last night from my son’s graduation and helping him moved out of his apartment.  Woo-hoo, a major accomplishment.

But not realizing how exhausting the past a couple days had been physically and emotionally, I was barely better than a zombie all through the day today.  So much so, I even caught myself dozing off a couple of times including during the savasana of my yoga practice.

One thing is certain – I am not my younger self.  Thus it will take longer for me to recover from the trip (and similarly during my marathon training). Something I must accept.  Good to be flexible and plan for rest.  On the flip side, since my marathon training started, I have been sleeping more soundly.

The three miler easy pace this morning was a welcomed relief.  Hard to imaging if it were more than that.  Coincidentally, the kids from a local elementary school were doing their physical ed run at the same time which helped encouraging me along the way.

What do you do to improve your recovery from a hard workout?


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