Day 4 week 3 – It Takes Time

3 miles easy, sunny & 65 degree

While building up the volume in my Base Phase (the first 9 weeks), I feel my body is adjusting.  This includes my muscular, cardio, and mental systems.

Even with today’s 3 miles at the easy pace, my breath struggles a bit.  And this happens occasionally, a sign that my cardiovascular system is adjusting to my training.

It is Week 3 out of a total of twenty weeks and no hurry.  In fact I am grateful for the opportunity to build a solid foundation.  Like the marathon itself, the 26.2 miles happens one step at a time.

In due time, my breath will be smooth, my legs will be strong,  and my mind steady.  Patience in execution is one of the virtues of the training.  So is confidence.  It takes time.

Got patience?

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