Day 6 Week 3 – The Longest Run

12 miles at easy pace, cool weather & 62 degree

Today is the longest run in my marathon training thus far.  Sounds funny but that               is how I felt this morning.  The cool weather helped, making the run more pleasant, and I was able to let my mind loose.  Which felt good.

Long endurance run, a trademark challenge for the marathoners, is demanding not only physically but mentally as well.  Mine today was a bit under the two hours, technically not quite qualified as a long steady run.  But I certainly felt the brunt of it.

And guess what?  My training plan will increase in mileage and include 21 miles as the longest run – an inconceivable distance at this point.  I know.  But I have been here before and am confident that, with consistent training, I will get to the 21 milers in strides.

How far is your longest run?

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