Day 2 Week 4 – Misfortune Happens

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3 miles easy pace, cool & 67 degree

The rain last night cleared the sky and washed away the pollen.  Wonderful in every way, except the thunderstorm also brought down my internet connection.  Yes, in the middle of the night, I could not connect and was knocked off the grid.

Like so many things, the more we grow to depend on them, the more vulnerable we become.  Identity theft, fake news, and credit fraud are just a few examples jump into mind.  The “system” we come to trust isn’t absolutely failsafe.  Nothing is.

Best to recognize the risk and have alternatives.  So when the misfortune happens, as did to me last night, one is not left stuck without a choice.  What then does it mean exactly when I say “to recognize the risk” beyond simply acknowledging it?

Two factors to consider: 1) what is the worst consequence that could happen and 2) what is the likelihood of it happening.  By clearly assessing these two factors before misfortune strikes, we can then appropriately prepare for the situation and minimize our risk.

As for me last night, I reached for my book.

How do you fail-safe?


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