Day 3 Week 4 – A Wasted Breath

5 miles (2 miles easy pace, 2 miles steady, 1 mile easy), slightly humid & 69 degree

We go through life doing many things.  Even on a daily basis, routine matters, special events, or surprises (the unplanned happenings) occupy our lives.  Are these things distractions or necessities?   In other words, do they serve you or not?

For instance, we go to work because it pays the bills.  When I retired, a big driver in my decision is my commute. Getting stuck in Washington traffics is not only bad but darn right dangerous.  Especially at the end of day when my mind is numb and body tired.  My daily commute no longer serves me.

Socrates famously declares that the unexamined life is not worth living.  Less harshly, I prefer the yoga metaphor that each of us is allocated a finite number of breathes in life.  What does not serve us robs our life or is equivalently a wasted breath.

Is there anything that does not serve you right now?


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