Day 5 Week 4 – Friday Thoughts

Rest day, yoga, and rainy.

Saw another school shooting in the news (the 3rd one in 8 days).  It happened this morning in Santa Fe, Texas with 8 reported dead.

Shocking as the news might be, I was stunned by the frequency and trend of its occurrence.  In the midst of rampant emotions, the question remains why is this keeps on happening?

In searching for an answer, some blame the gun (or the bump stocks) and categorize it as gun-violence.  But I am afraid this is an understandable but misguided efforts. What if it was a kitchen knife or a car?

We can all agree that a gun, knife, or car by themselves do not commit killing.  It is the person pulling the trigger, wielding the knife, or steering the wheels instigate the violence. The guilt rests squarely there.  Not the tool.

Until we understand the why, the motive and the underlying reason, any means can be used to commit violence.  Demanding actions without the understanding is blind faith.  Imaging if we were to ban guns, knives or cars, would it really solve the problem?

Which leads to the following food for thoughts:  Are we a nation divided?  Is hatred the rhetoric being peddled by the special interests for individual gains? Are the institutions we came to trust failing or not serving us anymore?  If the answer is yes to any one of the above, ask what would be a better alternative?


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