Day 1 Week 5 – “Down Week”

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No running today.  I am nursing two blisters, one on each foot, from the long run this past Saturday.  I move today’s 3 miler to tomorrow to buy me time so the blisters have a chance to heal.

Serendipitously, this week is a “down week” in my marathon training with a reduced mileage/ volume of 50%.  In other words, a scheduled break to let my body and mind relax and catch up.

Even though I had toyed with the idea of skipping the down week and continuing to build my base mileage, as the fate would have it, best to stick with the schedule.  Believe it or not, blisters are considered as a running injury.

And like most running injuries, my blisters are self inflicted.  A case where mind over body is not necessarily good.  Glad that I have this down week to recover my body and mind and get back to the balance of fitness and fun.

Have you experienced running injuries due to impatience?

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