Day 4 Week 6 – Are You Hungry?

4 miles easy pace with steady run on mile 3, overcast & 71 degree

One interesting byproduct of marathon training for me is an insatiable appetite. Even at this point when my weekly mileage is less than 30, my body craves for calories. Today, I had two lunches, one at 11:20 am then 2 pm.

And that is with snacking in between. Sounds crazy? I know.

Imaging what it would be like at peak training when my weekly mileage doubles? I would be eating more and weighing less. Yes, and my body fat content would be at a minimum, mostly burnt to support the training distance. All by design.

Of course, this is does not give me carte blanche to eat anything in sight (which I admit is tempting). Knowing what to eat and when to eat it would definitely enhance one’s training as well as performance. The principle of garbage in and garbage out still apply.

What is your favorite nutrition tips?

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