Day 1 Week 7 – Hopes, Dreams, & Desires

6 miles easy pace include fartlek surges, overcast & 58 degree

While hope is not a strategy, neither is worry a solution. The focus must be on the here and now. What is within our reach in preparing for the misfortune?   Yes, adversity happens.  We can’t sit back and wait.  Because luck favors the prepared.

Laugh all you want, but dream liberates the soul.  Without dream, life is only motions – directionless, meaningless, and dare I say lifeless.  Dream big, dream wild, dream as if you are a child.  Treasure your dreams.

Don’t deny yourself of your desires.  It only makes your desires worse.  Embrace them, share them, and energize them.  You may find yourself a passion that breathes colors into an otherwise dull subject and touches lives of many.

What random musings would you like to share?

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