Day 4 Week 7 – Base Phase Revisited

4 miles easy pace, sunny & 64 degree

Thus far my Base phase runs consist of all easy paced workouts with a few variations interspersed, and they are fartleks, steady state, strides, and long run. While they look repetitive and slow climbing (in distance), each is designed with specific benefits in mind.

From RunnersConnect, “each [Base Phase] workout helped stimulate a different system. The fartleks help improve turnover, efficiency and neuromuscular function. Steady state running improves your aerobic threshold. Long runs help build mitochondria, capillaries and myoglobin content. And of course, all those easy miles in-between help develop your aerobic endurance.”

Equally important are the dynamic stretches warming up my legs (pre-workout), static stretches post-run keeping my legs flexible, and yoga practice serving as resistance training for my  strength and balancing.  These three combined keep me from injuries.

My base phase training is going well.  It will surely build a solid base for me, so I will be prepared for the challenging follow-on phases.

How are you progressing toward your goal?


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