Day 6 Week 7 – After Long Run Report

15 miles (157 min), sunny & 73 degree

Pretty tired from today’s 15 mile long run.  The weather was slightly humid, but at least there was not too much sun.  Many folks were out on the Towpath.  But they did not add fatigue to my run.

It was my lack of sleep last night caught up with me.  All came crashing down and hit me like a brick wall after the run.   So much so, I struggled through my yoga practice which normally would be a restorative treat.

One of the purposes of long run is developing the weakest link in the running connective chain for endurance, from my toes to ankles, knees, hips, and so on.  Today, it was my shoulders.  Even though I tried to relax them, they were tired.  Maybe from carrying the water bottle?

Which connective tissue develops slowest for you?

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