Week In Review – 10 Jun 2018

Week Seven of my Erie Marathon training.  Total miles ran this week: 38.  My weight is 150.4 pounds and resting heart rate 58 beats per minute.  Two more weeks remain in my Base phase of the 20 weeks marathon training.

In a sense that means two more weeks to develop my weakest link, so I can be ready for the follow on phases.  I will maintain the fun and fitness approach and am confident that my body will be ready.

One thing I love about blogging is the opportunity to capture spur of the moment thoughts.  Fleeting and yet meaningful subjects normally vaporize as quickly as they form.  The post Hopes, Dreams, & Desires is such an example.

November is still two months away, but the primary elections are in full swing.  Yard signs are popping everywhere like dandelions around the neighborhoods.  Credit goes to our current president for generating the interest.

Have a nice week.

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