Day 3 Week 8 – Compassion Lost?

7 miles easy pace, sunny & 70 degree

In a market economy, winners take all in beating their competitions. To survive, a business needs to cover many bases, but foremost is to win. Because without winning, a business won’t last in the long run. Simple & straight forward.

So here is the question: can this model be applied to human behaviors in general? Or put it another way: is winning the only thing? I think not. Human beings are complicated. For one, we are emotional beings and not always rational. We don’t always act according to models.

Assuming for a moment that we are rational and successful beyond beliefs. We drive all our competitors out of business. Then what? How do we win again if winning is the only thing? The reality is we need each others even as competitors in pushing us to win.

In that light, winning is not the only thing. Don’t let that kind of thinking crowd out the need for compassion.

Do you think that compassion is on a decline?

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