Day 4 Week 9 – Between Dream & Reality

5 miles (steady pace 3 &4), sunny & 75 degree

For most of us, there is a gap between our dream and reality.  Do we go after our dream or deal with our reality?  That is the question.

I believe the answer is to go after your dream if you can afford to.

Personally, over thirty years, my reality was making a living.  I had a young family.  Paying bills was important.  And as my career advanced, same did my salary and material conditions of my family.

Now retired, making a living is no longer a driver for me.  In other words, I can afford to pursue my dream.  What do I want my dream/ life to be?  Is there any carryovers between what my profession was and what I want in life?

I believe the answer is yes.

To be continued.


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