Week In Review – 24 Jun 2018

Week Nine of my Erie Marathon training.  Total miles ran this week: 45.  My weight is 149 pounds and resting heart rate 54 beats per minute.

In the past nine weeks of Base Phase, I have been working mostly on my endurance.  My long run is up to 17 miles and weekly total 45 miles.  Both of my weight and heart rate have come down, meaning I am leaner and my heart is more efficient.

Moreover, keeping a balance between fun & fitness in my training has worked well. It keeps me from stressed out or injury while building my endurance.  A recent example of such is having a companion during my long run yesterday.

Next up is the Lactate Threshold Phase of my marathon training.  My running will shift into a higher tempos both in pace and distance – a chance for me to live vicariously as a mid-distance racer.

Nevertheless as I transition into this next phase, my focus on fun & fitness will be the same.  Week 10 coincidentally will be a down week and a break in my quest.  I very much look forward to it.

Have a nice week.


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