Day 2 Week 11 – The Right Push

2 mile warm up, 2 mile tempo, and 1 mile cool down, humid & 76 degree

Determined not to deal with another 90+ degree run like yesterday, I got out early this morning to beat the heat.   Nonetheless the air was thick and the humidity high.  And the tempo run had me huffing and puffing to make it happen.

On top of that, I developed a sore spot on my right sole.  Yup, a sore spot that would have exacerbated into a blister had I continued.  An experience that is all too familiar and a reminiscent of  a race I ran two years ago (when I pushed really hard).

While these sounded negative, I was still glad to have done my run this morning.  It is an accomplishment.  Furthermore, it reminded me that I need to better prepare my feet for the faster paced lactate threshold phase.

The essence of any training is to push one’s limit without going over the limit.  How do you develop that edge?  

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