Day 3 Week 11 – The Stories We Hear

7 miles recovery pace, humid & 78 degree

Happy Birthday America!

Stories we come to believe can hold us back, make us hesitant, or lead us down the wrong path.  Regardless their sources or methods, these stories can be fed to us, happened to us, or imagined on our own.  They become part of our belief system.

Trouble is that stories are just that – made up with pre-defined logics for the intended needs.  When they clash with reality, say in terms of timing, fit, or value, instead of rationalizing to make the stories work, ask the question: is it possible that our stories are not true?

The earth was once believed to be flat.  Or equally false that we only use 10% of our brain.  As independent thinkers, we have control of our thoughts and a duty to be skeptical.  Adding fake news and other deceits to the mix, safe to be cautious than sorry.

What other myths you think people are spreading unintentionally?

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