Day 4 Week 11 – Cruise Intervals

2 mile warm-up, 10 x 800m w/ 1 min rest, 1 mile cool-down, sunny & 78 degree

Cruise Intervals are tempo runs split up into shorter distance (like 800 meters) with recovery jogs/ breaks in between.  The idea is that the cruise intervals are easier than tempo runs (20-40 minutes max) and allow one to run at threshold level longer.

For instance, instead of a 5 miles tempo run today, I did 10 x 800 meter intervals which total 5 miles but in theory each interval should be closer to the threshold level.  My training pace for lactate threshold is between 3:38 to 3:44 (800m).  But my actuals were as follows: 3:30, 3:42, 3:41, 3:48, 3:41,3:51, 3:51,3:57, 3:56, 3:59.

So the cruise intervals were not that easy for me.  I did them on a track which is recommended for this kind of speedwork.  But it was an outdoor track, and the sun was brutal.  Particularly towards the later intervals, my legs were getting heavy, and I could barely keep them moving.

What is your experience with cruise intervals? or interval in general?

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