Day 5 Week 11 – Self Exile?

3 miles recovery pace, sunny & 79 degree

Do you ever find yourself a bit detached from the world?  I do, and I confess it is by choice.

Lately I find myself don’t care much about the news.  Seems much of them are driven by personalities (and negative ones to be precise).  I don’t like news that sensationalize or  vilify.  That strategy may sell newspapers, attract clicks, but in reality promotes hate and discontent.  Something we have plenty already.

Piling on the negatives are fake news, invective discourses, and other human flaws.  Yes, I do know that these things exist and our world is not perfect.  But please do not feed me more.  Why couldn’t we have topics that are substantive with redeeming qualities?  Somethings that do not change whenever the personalities change?

So I turn to social media as alternatives to the traditional media.  There, at least I can search for information that I consider useful, finding a refuge and a way out other than self exile.

What is your opinion about the prevailing mass media and the public dialogues?

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