Day 6 Week 11 – A Pleasant Long Run

18 miles (205 minutes) long run, pleasant & 68 degree

Couldn’t have picked a better weather for today’s long run.  Low humidity & cool temperature surround me with refreshing breathes and plenty of companies on the C&O Canal Towpath.  Walkers, hikers, runners, and bicyclists.  You name it, they are out there.

I like running in solitude, but I love to run with people.  The former allows me to reflect, hence the title of this blog, and the later a chance to socialize.  After 13 miles of solo running, I caught up with Brandon & PJ, fellow SRC members.  In a sense, I got lucky both way.

However enjoyable the weather maybe, the 18 miles is the longest run thus far.  Surely the the break in the heat and humidity makes the run more manageable.  Nevertheless I am feeling the effect of being on my for over three hours.  Looking forward to  a good sleep tonight.

What makes a good weekend for you?

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