Day 1 Week 12 – Lactate Threshold Training

2 mile warm up, 16 x 400m, 1 mile cool down, pleasant & 75 degree

Today’s 400 meters cruise intervals worked a lot better than the 800s last week.  I felt more confortable with the workouts.  My paces were within target range (1:49 to 1:52), and my breaks within 45 seconds.

What differs?  Today’s weather was slightly cooler by a few degrees.  The intervals were shorter (400 meters vice 800).  And the overall distance was one mile shorter.  But most noticeably, my effort today was “comfortably hard” compared to “hard” last week.

The idea with lactate threshold training is to sustain the pace with increasing distance/ time.  So the body can become efficient in converting the lactate acid before getting into anaerobic zone.  Thus increasing one’s stamina.

In principle, one can run at the lactate threshold pace for an hour.  But for the tempo runs it is recommended not to exceed 40 minutes. Otherwise, the effort resembles more of a race than training.

How much tempo runs do you use in your training?

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