Day 1 Week 15 – Transition Back

Travel day, no running.

“43” days to the Erie Marathon.  That is what my blog’s countdown calendar shows which leaves me just a little over six weeks of time to prepare before the big race.  What ahead is the marathon specific phase training which involves more volume (longer distance and higher intensity).

My cutback last week positioned me for this high volume phase.  In a way, I was ready to get back.  New York City was good, but it had way too many people for my taste.  Everywhere I turned, there were lines, in the grocery stores, restaurants, theaters, and you name it.  I could’t help but felt a bit suffocated.

It was in the city that I realized that creating space is an important survival skill.  People used tools like sunshades, earbuds, cell phone to set the boundary and preserve their personal space.  This is understandable but comes across as unfriendly.   I supposed it comes with the territory.

Do you agree that city folks are less sociable? Or it just appears so?

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