Day 2 Week 15 – High Volume Alternating Tempos

3.3 miles warm up, 6 mile alternating tempos btwn 8:00 and 7:40 w/ no rest, 3.3 miles cool down, cloudy & 73 degree.  Actual splits: 8:00, 7:27, 7: 59, 7:30, 8:03, 7:35.

Ran the alternating tempos on local school track that is 3.3 miles from my house.  Given the cool weather, my paces were well controlled.  And I was able to contrast the two tempo paces specific enough to feel the difference.  An added bonus.

More importantly, the alternating tempo workout conditions the body’s energy system to efficiently process the lactic acid.  The threshold and marathon paces are intended to stimulate the lactate production and conversion  respectively.

Afterwards, the cool down was a bit long but it was offset by my victorious feeling regarding today’s alternating tempos.

Does a good workout make all the negatives negligible?

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