Day 3 Week 15 – Running Intensity?

6 miles easy pace, cloudy & 81 degree.

Still tired this morning.  Not sure if I was feeling the carryover from yesterday’s high volume workout or from my trip to the Big Apple.  But the “easy pace” felt harder than usual.  Luckily the weather was not too hot, and there was a breeze occasionally to provide additional cooling.

What intensity was I running?  With a watch or heart rate monitor I can present some hard indicators.  However, as running intensity is influenced by many factors – weather, pace, terrains, time of the day, nutrition, etc., neither the watch nor the heart rate monitor takes into account the various factors mentioned.

In fact, today is one of those days that is smart to not follow the watch nor the heart rate monitor.  Because I was already tired before my run.  I am better off by listening to my body and rely on the “talk test” which is more holistic and satisfying indicator for running intensity.

How could you tell that you are pushing too hard?

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