Day 5 Week 15 – Balancing Fun & Fitness

6 miles easy pace, cloudy & 71 degree.

The marathon specific phase of the training is high volume.  Meaning it’s both long in distance and high in intensity.  Sounds ominous?   Only if you let it.   I have determined to keep my marathon training balanced between fun and fitness.

So after the alternating tempos on Tuesday and steady pace yesterday, today’s 6 miles was all easy pace.  I kept my run comfortable, relaxing, & stress-free on purpose and at the same time building my fun meter and aerobic threshold.

During the run, I try to focus on each specific workout.  What is its purpose? How to execute it to gain the max benefit?  This way I keep my wondering mind from far afield worrying about the monster in the closet like the marathon itself or some negative thoughts.

In short, quality training involves more than physical but also physiological, emotional developments.  That is why the balancing between fun and fitness is good for my mental hygiene.

How do you motivate yourself through training?


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